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Anyone receive their tax refund in 2013?

Question: Anyone receive their tax refund in 2013?

(Posted by: Heather on 2013-02-03 06:33:55)

I filed through turbo tax on jan 17th 2013 was accepted the 25th, I have no direct deposit date, , , , anyone in the same boat that might have a date?


Posted by: Tara on 2013-02-03, 06:36:12

WMR is not accurate. It was still processing mine but I got my deposit yesterday! check ur account tomorrow morning!


Posted by: Kimmie on 2013-02-03, 08:51:58

I filed yesterday evening (2/ 2/ 13) through H &R Block online. A few hours later got an email saying the IRS accepted it. Now, im waiting for it to be processed and my dd. If anyone has received theirs, about how many days did it take after acceptance? I heard the IRS changed and are now processing returns and depositing around the clock.


Posted by: erickafowler on 2013-02-03, 09:03:41

I filed Jan 20th accepted on the 23, but I filed an 8863 and they saying ( processing 21 days) but they did accept it. Weird!?


Posted by: Shaniqua on 2013-02-03, 09:04:45

I went threw jackson hewitt on the 24 of jan....i havent received anythin yet....


Posted by: Bratt716 on 2013-02-03, 09:11:02

I'm in the same boat as Kimmie. I filed 2/ 2/ 13 Before 3 EST and received a text by 5 saying they were accepted. A friend filed 1/ 26 accepted 1/ 30 and received hers 2/ 1 .. If only I can be so lucky!


Posted by: mS.bL@cKb3rRi on 2013-02-03, 10:32:33

I know a couple of ppl who received their this past Friday


Posted by: kimberly on 2013-02-03, 11:22:38

I filed mine on 1/ 30/ 13 and it was accepted immediately. Here it is 2/ 3/ 13 and it is still processing. It seems so weird how some people get it processed right away and others it just sits there and waits. Tomorrow will be 6 days into filling so lets hope there is some news. I have always got my returns in previous years with in 8 days or less. Does yours say your refund has been approved or is still showing processing?


Posted by: Neal on 2013-02-03, 12:04:21

I filed with tt on 1/ 25 and was accepted on 1/ 27. On the 30th I was approved with a dd of 2/ 5. I have fees being deducted, but sbbt shows still haven't received funds but yet the sales tax has been paid. What gives?


Posted by: Alicia on 2013-02-03, 12:53:41

I filed on 1/ 18/ 2013 and was accepted JAN 31 2013 and still nothing, I file self employed w/ one dependent....however my sister filed a week after me and they have a DD for 2/ 5/ 2013 and she files w2 and edd deductions w/ I assuming the easy returns are going through quicker FYI...we both used HR BLOCK


Posted by: youbrokeme on 2013-02-03, 15:19:01

I filed through HR Block online on 1/ 26, got a text on 1/ 30 saying the IRS has accepted my return, but when i check the status it says it is still being processed! if it is accepted shouldn't I have a dd? I am hoping that the system just hasn't updated over the weekend yet, idk, I guess I will get when I get it, could really use it now though... good luck everyone, all we can do is wait!


Posted by: cathy on 2013-02-03, 17:10:26

I filed my taxes on the 30th. Today I got the word that my refund will be direct deposited on Feb 7th. I was very excited about this UNTIL...I realized that I am having my turbo tax fees taken from my refund. What turbo tax FAILS to tell us, is that your refund goes to THEIR bank first, then they deduct their fees, then they send you the refund which who knows how long that takes. It is very frustrating, especially when you are waiting for your tax refund for bill purposes. So, if you have not filed, and are using turbo tax, pay the fees upfront so you do not have to wait any more time.. I am so pissed right now.


Posted by: alysha on 2013-02-03, 18:49:56

All those accepted the 30th should have a DD tomorrow or so. I did my taxes on the 29th, accepted 30th and today got a DD of 2/ 7. U only get a DD when wmr gets to the second step. Does anyone know if emerald card hold funds?


Posted by: Jaroyd on 2013-02-03, 20:23:53

Mine were filed on 1/ 30 through turbo tax accepted by the IRS on 1/ 30 and today 2/ 3 I received a DD date scheduled for 2/ 7. The status bar now says approved. Hope this helps.


Posted by: pierre on 2013-02-04, 04:59:04

Mine got accepted the 25th too and I didn't get a dd either. And I need my money like two months ago. I hope it comes sooner than later.


Posted by: Erin on 2013-02-04, 06:57:28

I filed on Jan 24 got accepted per WMR Jan 30th. On Feb 1st, it showed a DD date of Feb 4th, which is today, but WMR does not show sent, so I am hoping for today or tomorrow.


Posted by: Kristy Chorostecki on 2013-02-04, 08:05:23

Cathy...I used Turbo Tax last year and I had them deduct the fees from my refund, I believe it didn't affect my deposit date at all, but if it did, it may have been a day. So, don't fret! I filed 2/ 1, accepted within a half an hour and I'm just waiting for a refund approval and dd date on wmr.


Posted by: Christina Anderson on 2013-02-04, 14:17:15

I filed though turbo tax Jan 30, 2013. IRS wheres my refund says it was accepted on Jan 31, 2013. I just checked it today on the IRS Wheres my refund and it says "We cannot provide any information about your refund. You must wait at least 24 hours after you get the acknowledgement e-mail that your tax return was received by the IRS: I got the acknowledgement email on the 31st. Anyone have this problem?


Posted by: Tina on 2013-02-04, 16:40:06

I file my taxes on the 29th and it was accepted on the 30....and on wmr it says accepted but it say We have received your tax return and it is being processed. You should get your refund within 21 days from the date we received your tax return.


Posted by: A. S. A. on 2013-02-05, 02:35:12

Did mine via TaxAct just 2/ 4 around 3:30 am and it was ACCEPTED immediately but I'm getting the generic message as well. If you got accepted on the 25 then it should be soon according to everything I've read. The thing is no one knows who is going to get what when and that makes me feel so ill because I'm strapped like everyone else ); I hope you got yours since this posting. I did a calculator on and it said somewhere between the 11-25th of Feb for me. Until it says it has been approved I don't know what to think and even then you have to wait for the funds to hit and clear. I hope it's soon for all of us. Good Luck!


Posted by: Cheryl on 2014-01-21, 00:06:22

Yes I have got the returns. I am using Turbo Tax Coupons.


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