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Irs says tax refund still being processed and date will be given when avail?.?

Question: Irs says tax refund still being processed and date will be given when avail?.?

(Posted by: on 2013-02-08 18:48:45)

Ok I filed on the 28th and they said it was accepted shortly after with the little status bar lit up 1/ 3 of the way. Now it says your return is still being processed and a refund date will be given when available. Is something wrong?


Posted by: rondale_06 on 2013-02-08, 18:54:19

I got accepted on the 31st and 6 days later i got a DD of today 2/ 8. The WMR tool is so not 100% accurate. Many people have their refund already and it is still saying processing. More than likely based on others I have seen u will probably get it no later than Tuesday. You can always call an see how helpful the IR is being. Good luck!


Posted by: crazelilellie on 2013-02-08, 20:45:02

I filed and was accepted on 1/ 31 and as of yesterday It says the same thing yours does and my bar that was lit up with 1/ 3 is now gone. I've been trying to find a answer about the same thing all day :(


Posted by: lcg on 2013-02-08, 21:18:14

I am also getting frustrated with the same issue. I filed my moms taxes thru TurboTax the same day I filed mine on the 31st and accepted on the 31st. Her refund was dd on the 7th. I keep checking my status and it is saying my refund is still processing, and there is no amount shown and no status bar. By any chance, do you owe the irs? I owe, so I was thinkin that could possibly be the reason for the delay.


Posted by: Shawn Fredricks on 2013-02-09, 04:25:46

Update: after 9 days of "return still being processed " I checked this morning and have second bar lit up saying refund approved for dd 2/ patient it's taking longer than usual for fraud prevention


Posted by: zamaryion on 2013-02-09, 05:07:51

I don't know I got the same thing to what does this mean now


Posted by: Nickie P on 2013-02-09, 05:16:39

I filed on the 30th and was accepted on the 31st. I had the 3 bars for 5 days and then I got the same message. I have been checking everyday since Wednesday and this morning I HAVE A DD DATE!!! I knew there was a hold up because I owed $500 from last year. If you don't owe any money, don't worry, you will get your date soon.


Posted by: cutiepie_308 on 2013-02-09, 05:53:56

I filed on the 28th with TT and was accepted on the "early " 29th. I had the same issue that you did until yesterday. Then I checked my status my DD date was listed as 2/ 12. I honestly believe that they notified us that our taxes had been accepted and were being processed when they had NOT actually started processing them. By my twisted math, they didn't actually start processing my taxes until 2/ 4 when I first received the "processing message " instead of the status bar. I think they are actually a week behind on a lot of people...


Posted by: Candice on 2013-02-09, 07:24:58

Mine Got Accepted On 01/ 30/ 13 & I Was Getting That Same Message But When I Checked This Morning I Got A 2/ 13 DD.....


Posted by: Dana on 2013-02-09, 07:28:41

Nikki what is your DD date?? I have the same situation as you and filed the same day but I still don't have a DD date :(


Posted by: Carlon on 2014-02-16, 15:11:06

I filed an was accepted on feburary 1st 2014 its stilll saying processin an a date will be provided when available


Posted by: ? on 2014-03-08, 08:54:44

Ok filed on 2 /26 /14 I got accepted on 2 /27 was processing to with (152)then finally I got a dd date of 3 /12 let 's get it...!$$$$


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